Ai, a 6 year old girl, falls into a river and drowns. One week later, her uncle Thuc, a police captain, travels to a remote village to claim her corpse, only to find that the girl is very much alive. He brings her home, but does not tell her mother and stepfather that she was found dead. And it soon starts to show that Ai is not the girl she used to be. She begins to manifest strange powers. When her parents take her to a medium, she tells them that she’s possessed by the spirit of a lost soul. Her sister Chi feels guilty; as she was supposed to watch over Ai on the day she drowned. She goes to the village where Ai was found and makes a shocking discovery.

Saigon-born, US-raised director Ham Tran turns to horror for his third feature, a stylish ghost story that was one of last year’s biggest box office successes in Vietnam. Ham sustains a constant sense of threat in the film, turning it from a supernatural story into something much darker socially, presenting us with a relevant and gripping horror tale.

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