In a not-so-distant future, where some idiots think that global
warming is a Chinese conspiracy, Brazil suffers from a blistering
drought. With reality abandoning them, people turn to religion like
never before. Some landlords realize that they can get money out
of this chaos and despair. And with the number of saints existing in
Brazil, there’s no shortage of opportunities. But that’s without counting
on God’s Angels, a band of orphan bikers led by Father Nosso,
whose mission it is to recover an icon capable of bringing rain back to
their land. The only problem is that the icon is in the hands of a very
sadistic landlord who has the habit of chopping off the heads of his
enemies and sending them up in the air tied to balloons.
Here’s another oddity we picked up from our friends at Blood Window,
the Latin-American genre bonanza. Holy Biker, the first feature
by Homero Olivetto, exudes despair and arid dust from each shot,
following into Mad Max’s footsteps and reinventing the western for
the new age. This post-apocalyptic Easy Rider from Brazil will make
you believe in miracles.

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