444: The eccentric Se-young works at an insurance company and can communicate with the dead. Her boss, aware of her gift, wants her help to solve three mystery dossiers. A dark aura hangs around these cases and every time they manage to solve one of the files, the aura grows stronger. The Cliff: Two friends survive falling off a cliff, but find themselves trapped on an overhanging rock. While they wait for help, their friendship is put to the test because of a chocolate bar. To survive, one of them has to die. The Accident: Three young women fail their entry exam to become high school teachers. They take a trip to the mountains to lighten up their spirits. But they get an accident with their car. Despite their wounds, they decide to make their way to a faint light that shines from a nearby mountain. The Escape: Byeong-shin is a teacher trainee who suffers serious humiliation from his pupils on his first day. After meeting Tan-hee, a student obsessed with black magic, he decides to try out one of her spells. He becomes trapped in a doorway to hell. Part One of this Korean horror anthology already delivered lots of chills and thrills, but part two is even better. These four new terror tales are brought to you by Beom-sik Jeong ( Epitaph ), Sung-ho Kim ( Mirrors ), Hwi Kim ( The Neighbors, Midnight FM ) and Kyu-dong Min ( Memento Mori ).

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