A serial killer kidnaps a high school student. He asks her to tell him horror stories. If she manages to scare him, she might get out alive. The Sun and the Moon. A brother and a sister are waiting at home for their mother. A courier delivers a parcel at their door. Strange visions start to haunt them. Terror Plane. During a commercial flight, a serial killer manages to free himself from his handcuffs and starts terrorizing the plane. A stewardess is forced to play a game of cat and mouse with the maniac. Kong-jwi and Pat-jwi. Gong-ji is about to marry the handsome rich bachelor Min. But her jealous stepsister Bak-ji wants her brother all for herself. She goes under the scalpel to transform herself into an exact copy of Kong-jwi. Ambulance. An ambulance speeds away from a raging horde of zombies. On board a doctor, a nurse, a mother and her unconscious daughter and the driver. Tension mounts when they discover a strange scar on the daughter’s wrist. Has she been infected ? This horror omnibus is conceived as a demonic version of the Tales of 1001 Nights and gathers some of Korea’s biggest names in genre cinema. Bum-shik Jeong ( Epitaph ) realized the first short story, creating more spine tingling tension than in a long feature film. Daewoong Yim ( To Sir With Love ) delivers a surprisingly realistic piece of terror high in the skies. Ji-young Hong ( Naked Kitchen ) tells a dark and macabre tale about the relentless quest for eternal youth and brothers Gok and Sun Kim ( Anti Gas Skin ) take care of an excitingly explosive and emotional finale.

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