The posthumous gift from Jesse McLoughlin’s great-great-grandfather is: a (big) house. Surprised and curious: Jesse ends up going through the dusty home, searching for information about this ancestor who was a complete stranger to him.
Quickly, he discovers the frantic past of his mysterious ancestor: Gramps was, at the time of the Old West, a famous rebel… whose successful career was, as it seems, interrupted by the robbery of an Inca crystal skull with magic powers. This object, of an inestimable value, is said to be buried next to the dead man…
In wanting to retrieve the skull, Jesse will discover that his ancestor, although old, has kept one hell of a pretty face!
Months after the release of House, S. CUNNINGHAM, the producer, said: “House was as successful abroad, it was also a hit where nobody expected it to happen.” In the cinema industry, such a statement could only mean one thing: a sequel… A sequel! Oh no?!
It’s Ethan WILEY, House’s screenwriter, who got the director position for the present sequel: “We thought it would be stupid to use the same characters as, dramatically speaking, Roger Cobb had solved his problems in the first movie. Certainly we could have found a shaky reason to make him live new adventures, but it would not have been usable. That’s why I preferred creating a new story, with new protagonists and even, why not, a new house: the purpose was to recreate the spirit of the previous movie, this unique mix of horror and humour, this certainty that each door opens to an unknown world…”
What a relief! House II: The second Story is not a repetition nor a remake of the first movie, its script is totally original: even if it keeps the spirit of the first part, a cocktail of humour and horror, the first one is clearly honoured without turning it into a parody for all that: Chris WALAS was entrusted with the special effects for that matter, and his impressive talent already shone in numerous famous movies: The Fly, Enemy Mine, Scanners, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and above all, Gremlins.

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