After serving 25 years in prison for killing her husband and son, Mi-hee returns to her derelict home. A young priest visits her and asks what really happened on the day she supposedly murdered her family. She tells him: “They killed my husband and took my child.” When the priest digs into the archives he finds several strange articles dating back 75 years ago. He notices a bizarre pattern in which every 25 years on November 11th, people go missing in Mi-hee’s house. That same night is November 11th and she is convinced strangers are in the house once again … If this plot outline sounds familiar, you’re damn right because House of the Disappeared is the South Korean remake of the Venezuelan film The House at the End of Time (Silver Raven at the 2015 BIFFF). Ever since Horror Stories (BIFFF 2013), we’ve known that director Dae-wung Lim knows the tricks of the trade. In the starring role of this macabre haunted house film, we recognize Yunjin Kim (from the legendary television series Lost), whereas her co-star Taecyeon is more widely known for being a rapper and a member of the Korean One Direction.

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