Welcome to Waterloo Station (not the one in Belgium, but the big one in London). All aboard for the night train that will depart to picturesque rural England. As it should be on a night train, we find sleepy travelers, bored conductors and sneaky ticket inspectors. But in the middle of the ride the train is abruptly stopped due to a collision with a wild deer. The animal gets completely entangled in the wheels, stopping the train from departing again. The night is young and the silence of the surroundings makes the passengers panic. Was the collision accidental or was the deer on the run from something? Meanwhile, one of them calmly finishes his crossword puzzle. He seeks a synonym for “lycanthrope”. A tip: it’s running full speed towards the train passengers and it’s hungry…

Paul Hyett is the British king of special effects and is responsible for some of the most scary BIFFF moments thanks to his work on the sets of The Descent, Wilderness, Doomsday, Cottage, Mutant Chronicles or Citadel. Howl is his second feature film (after The Seasoning House) and will generate enough chills to give American Werewolf in London a run for its shivers.

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