Welcome to the Lötschental, one of Switzerland’s biggest valleys. Like many a tourist, you want to see the carnival and the famous Tschägättä parade. And that’s why Gildas and his wife and daughter are here. Unfortunately, they meet professor Schneider and his son, who couldn’t care less about carnivals. They’re only interested in a scientific discovery that will shake up the foundations of mankind. But this breakthrough will come at a terrible price. Do you remember “À l’Intérieur”, presented at last year’s BIFFF ? Jacques-Olivier Molon and Pierre-Olivier Thévenin ( let’s call them Jom and Pot to make things easy ) worked in the make-up department of the aforementioned film. From paintbrush to camera and from red currant juice to film directing seems to have been an easy step for the two blokes. Humains is very strong on emphasizing fear ( or even anxiety ) in stead of SFX. So much the better for the suspense that pours out of every image of this survival movie “made in France”. Humains benefits from the sumptuous Swiss scenery, in which we see two newcomers to the genre appear : Sara Forestier and Lorant Deutsch. Enjoy Humains, as it is the only film that will be made by Jom and Pot. They’re not cross with each other. They’ve just decided to each go their own way.

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