Is your knowledge about South-Korean history sketchy at best? Don’t worry, ours too! Despite our love for Korean movies going strong for at least 20 years now, we simply don’t know all that much about the country apart from “Gangnam Style” – we still whip that one out at office parties – and that their northern neighbor is kinda evil. And hey look, HUNT plunges us right into the grim 80’s setting of North vs. South tensions, with two rival secret agents, Park and Kim, having to protect the president of South-Korea (at the time still a military dictatorship, we’ve learned watching this) against threats from the North (which has always been evil, that we already knew). The problem is, they’ve been informed there’s a North-Korean mole in their company leaking sensitive information to the enemy. And as Park and Kim hate each other’s guts, they’re gonna try everything in their might to prove their rival is the rotten apple to eliminate. Let the hunt begin! This is exactly our favorite kind of history lesson: one spiced up with lots of visceral, uber-violent action scenes! Don’t expect some JOHN WICK-type extravaganza here, this one gets your adrenaline pumping with terrifyingly realistic, messy and disorienting outbursts of violence. SQUID GAME sensation Lee Jung-jae directs and stars alongside Jung Woo-sung (THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE WEIRD) in this gritty spy flick whose double- and triple-crossing agents which will keep you second-guessing until your head is spinning. You can get an aspirin at the bar afterwards.

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