The year is 2101, a nameless man wakes up in the middle of a dried-out, dark landscape. Looking around him, he only sees carcasses and barren trees. A biochemical war in the northern hemisphere has caused poverty, famine, and a gigantic wasteland covering the whole of South America. Concerning our own species, there isn’t much left… and for those who survived anyway, they’ll have to do without yummy fresh vegetables and juicy steaks. Instead, their diner is literally thrown into their lap as all the infected bodies of the northern hemisphere are being dropped by airplanes. Starved, they resort to cannibalism, without considering the consequences of eating these infected bodies. The man wakes up without remembering anything, not even what he had for dinner last night… The postapocalyptic theme has conquered its spot in the genre film. More often than not, these productions are heavily inspired by MAD MAX. But to create a world in which the southern hemisphere is a giant dumping ground for the stupid mistakes of the free world, that is a prominent political message worth its weight in gold! For this genius twist, we have to thank BIFFF regulars Pablo Pares (DAEDONIUM and PLAGA ZOMBIE) and Daniel de la Vega (WHITE COFFIN)!

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