I See You

In a small town in Ohio, inspector Greg Harper has had a rough week. He got assigned to yet another head-scratcher of a case of a boy gone missing in the woods. This is already the third recent disappearance and all investigations have led to nothing but dead ends. Professionally he’s not in a good place, but in the private sphere things aren’t swell either. His wife Jackie cheated on him and the atmosphere at home is subzero. Conor, their teenage son, clearly takes his father’s side and he isn’t particularly shy about letting his mom know. Jackie desperately tries to hold her family together, to no great avail for the time being. To make matters even worse, her new beau shows up out of nowhere to declare his love for her. Oh, and did we already mention the numerous mysterious events that occur around the house? Y’know, knives disappearing, the television turning on by itself, photos being taken out of their frames…. This killer comeback of Helen Hunt was more than we had hoped for. Not since her debut in TRANCERS have we enjoyed her presence to this extent. The flick’s a true masterclass in horror cinema, showcasing the importance of different points of view – and different layers of terror! – for a story. The less you know, the more frightening the experience will be!

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