The two sisters Ayia and Mirra live in a godforsaken village in a remote corner of Mother Russia. The village is quickly losing its inhabitants, not because of the temptations of the big cities, but due to a mysterious and horrible disease that is lethal to everyone. Afraid of contagion, the authorities hermitically shut off the village from the outside world. During this time of complete isolation, Mirra contracts the disease and becomes completely psychotic. To save her sister, Ayia turns to the local priest, who is anything but orthodox. He initiates Mirra in shamanistic rituals and convinces her to penetrate Mirra’s subconscious to expel the demons that torture her.
If you’re thinking you’re going to see a Russian version of Under The Dome, you’re completely wrong. III is more closely related to movies such as The Cell and Vanishing Waves, where the exploration of the dark corners of the subconscious and the battle between good and evil are central. III should also be praised for its stunning use of colors, depicting a world that looks like a post-apocalyptic version of a Hieronymus Bosch painting.

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