Earth might well always follow the same orbit, but it still fell into despair. Only some humans, whose face is permanently covered with a gas mask, survived. A tiny angel, with a woman-like body, is scratching her head: she was sent on Earth to save it. With her lack of experience, she is wondering if humankind is worth it: it’s just that there are not only lovebirds among those survivors! The tendency would rather be bloodthirsty brutes, wandering in the devastated surroundings like harmful monsters…
We know very little about this movie which will be a world premiere during the sixth Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival, but it aroused our interest straightaway: it is indeed a Belgian man, Carl COLPAERT, who directed this American movie! Cal CORPAERT was born in Belgium, he studied economics at the KU Leuven and then at the I.N.RA.CI, where he graduated in 1981 to complete his education at the University of California in Los Angeles. He obtained an art degree in 1984 and was hired by Roger CORMAN (himself) for whom he was first hired in post-production. Ever since, he has been working for New World Pictures (Creepshow 2, Vamp, Blakc Moon Rising, The Philadelphia Experiment, Android) for which he just produced In the Aftermath, an apocalyptic tale with violence, fantasy, terror and hope. This action film has numerous sequences of animation (realised by Mamuro OSHII, also co-scriptwriter) and benefits from a soundtrack by Anthony MOORE, one composer of PINK FLOYD.

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