Infection by Flavio Pedota

Venezuela, present day. Anti-Maduro graffiti covers the walls of the capital, while foreign workers relax by shooting crocodile, the most dangerous drug on the planet. The country is in utter chaos, cops are trigger-happy, public infrastructure is in a disastrous state and the people are agonizing in silence. The rise of an unknown epidemic of rabies will ravage the everyday life of a country already in ruins. Suddenly, there’s even more chaos, cops are even more trigger-happy towards infected civilians, the public infrastructure is nigh non-existent, massive amounts of people die and hurl out of fear, while an enormous exodus of refugees is stopped at closed borders. Amidst the backdrop of this apocalyptic sight, a desperate father tries to find his son… It’s clear that the year 2020 is one of political commentary at the BIFFF! INFECTION is the first Venezuelan zombie film as well as a razor sharp metaphor of the enduring crisis the country is going through. It’s the artistic reflection of an entire people’s anger, as violent as it is desperate.

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