It’s the 23rd century. Our planet is plagued with pollution, poverty and overpopulation. A teleportation system, which compresses time and space, allows people to be “sent” from one part of the galaxy to another. On distant stations circling faraway asteroids and planets, people work in dangerous circumstances to extract precious resources. When something goes wrong, special intervention teams are sent to the trouble spot. When one of these teams returns covered in blood and completely psychotic from Infini, the most faraway station known to man, another teams is sent to the mining site to discover what’s going on.

Australian Director Shane Abbess, who has collaborated on films such as Source Code, Crawlspace (Bifff 2013) and John Doe: Vigilante (Bifff 2014), has realized his dream project. He has created a dark and grim science fiction movie that is a true homage to the scifi films from 30 years ago, when classics such as Blade Runner, Alien and The Thing transgressed visual and thematic borders.

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