Welcome to the luxurious all-in resort on Tolqa Island! A safe haven with pearl-white beaches for the world’s wealthiest tourists who just want to take their minds off things. That’s what James and Em Foster were planning to do, chilling at the pool. Then they meet a couple that proposes a different method of relaxing: leave their gated community for a couple of hours for a fun little road trip on the dangerous totalitarian island where murderous savages roam. But on the way back from their boozed up human safari, James runs over a native. Dead on impact. According to local laws, the sentence is irrevocable: the death penalty! Fortunately for James and all the other ultra-rich of the world who just want to relax, the local forensics department can, in exchange for a hefty sum, create a perfect clone of the culprit who gets the chair instead. Ideal for a risk-free execution and for indulging one’s worst impulses while leaving your responsibility at the hotel suite. To relax. Without a worry. And then to start all over again… Brandon Cronenberg already whetted our appetite in 2021, when we presented POSSESSOR at the online BIFFF, talking to us about his next project, INFINITY POOL. And now the pool is all filled up, ready for you to dip your toe in it. Sure, certain similarities with TRIANGLE OF SADNESS or WHITE LOTUS bubble up, but Cronenberg Jr.’s third strike is above all a nightmarish dive into the moral immunity of the filthy rich who can wash off even the vilest crimes. Because everything is a commodity that can be bought, even your conscience. And no, nothing will go the way you think it will…

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