Yan sees dead people. Jim, her psychologist thinks it’s all in her mind. Knowing that her condition is brought on by loneliness and by unpleasant experiences from past relationships, he devotes all his time to curing her. Doctor and patient soon fall in love as Yan is gradually freed from her visions. But then Jim starts acting in ways familiar to her. He begins to remember his past. Twenty years ago, Yu was his girlfriend in high school. She killed herself when Jim tried to break up with her. Now with Yan’s help and love, Jim can face up to the ghosts of his past. He is now ready to speak to Yu face to face. This is the only way to end the nightmare.

All the characters in Inner Senses are isolated and extremely lonely. When you see something unbearable, your unconsciousness will suppress the images from your memory. But this is only temporary. You never know when the psychological bomb will burst and when it does, it can be quite scary. Inner Senses is a haunting psychological ghost story from director Chi-Leung Lo (Fly Me To Polaris, Double Tap), starring Leslie Cheung (A Chinese Ghost Story, The Bride With White Hair) and Karena Lam (July Rhapsody, Tiramisu).

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