In the near future, Robert and his two daughters lead a peaceful and comfortable life in a high-tech house in the middle of the woods. Nell is studying for her college entrance exam, while Eva practices day and night for an important audition at a modern dance academy. Then, one day, they experience a power cut. As they’re far from the nearest town, life goes on as usual in the following days. But when they take the car for a shopping run, they realize this is anything but temporary. There’s almost no more food left in the local supermarket, people are hamstring like crazy and the few news flashes that filter through on the radio suggest that the power cut is more global than local. They decide to go back home, bunker down and wait until the lights go on again. But they’ll never go on again.

Those who expect a spectacular action epic about the end of the world should better stay at home. But those who’re in the mood for a moving drama full of emotional depth will get more than their fill in the latest film from acclaimed Canadian director Patricia Rozema (When Night Is Falling, Mansfield Park). Her adaptation of Jean Hegland’s book shows the collapse of civilization through the bond between two sisters and the ordeals they have to face to survive in this new world. Into The Forest is an illustration of the acting talents of Ellen Page (Juno, Inception) and Evan Rachel Wood (The Wrestler, Charlie Countryman) as Nell and Eva. Touching, engaging and intense; the Apocalypse has never felt this intimate as in Into The Forest.

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