Julie is a young teacher from Copenhagen. Looking for adventure, tired of city life and her cheating boyfriend, she takes a job teaching on an idyllic island in the South of Norway. She expects to take charge over this little school. Here she can establish the close relationship to her pupils she so eagerly desires. She is young and alone, seeking challenge. And she gets much more than she bargained for. Julie is not accepted into the sheltered island community. The town simpleton, Lars, follows and frightens her. She discovers that the previous teacher hung himself, no one knows why. His daughter Solveig, is a pupil in her class. The girl rejects Julie’s offer of help and affection in every way. Just as Julie is about to give up, she falls helplessly in love with Roald, a man of both strength and charm. He becomes her entrance into the close-knit community. But as the door shuts behind her, she is trapped.
Isle of Darkness is the feature film debut of writer-director Trygve Allister Diesen. Educated at the University of Southern California, School of Cinema and Television, he has made several commercials, music videos and documentaries. Sofie Grabol (Pelle the Conqueror, Nightwatch), Denmark’s hottest young actress, stars as Julie, the young teacher who discovers that what seems like an idyllic island, is in fact a cold, evil and eerie place.

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