Kamil is so done with the whole COVID-19 lockdown shtick of following classes through Zoom and hanging around his gigantic mansion stuck with his dad’s new, yoga-instructing girlfriend while the old man himself only occasionally flies in by helicopter in between Dubai business meetings. Fuck all that! He’s going to throw one hell of a party for all of his friends in his dad’s secondary residence, a palace at the Polish seaside, safety restrictions be damned! Together with his esoteric eco-warrior secret crush Aga, her bone-headed boyfriend Max, book-smart Luiza, goth chick Tola and what seems like thousands of other classmates he sets out to the party destination, alongside a couple of surprise guests like Mr. Blitz, some kind of autarkic Khal Drogo who lives in the woods fully prepared for the Apocalypse, and… *creepy voice* something that came from the waaaater!! Well, no need to get all mysterious about it: it’s Kamil’s dad who dumped his company’s chemical waste into the bay next to the teenagers’ party location, causing an acute local problem of swimmers turning into blood-thirsty zombies!! So yeah, it came from the water alright, but we prefer the original Polish title: “Apokawixa”, or Apocalypse Party, which is exactly what director Xavery Zulawski delivers here. A party of epic, PROJECT X-like proportions that is almost as delirious as the movies of his daddy, the late Andrzej Zulawski, with lots of sex, drugs, Polish rap and raging and outrageously funny zombies. Seriously, it’s incredibly well-written and has some of the most brilliant ideas in all zombie-hood! Like, what do you get when a vegan is bitten by a zombie? A vegan zombie! Just think about that for a second…

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