James vs his future Self

SEX AFTER KIDS, HOW TO PLAN AN ORGY IN A SMALL TOWN and now JAMES VS HIS FUTURE SELF…You have to hand it to him, Jeremy LaLonde sure knows a thing or two about sassy titles for his films. James, in his latest flick, is an ambitious young scientist with a hard-on for time travel. He only has eyes for the future and is blind for opportunities in the present, for example with his colleague (and secret big crush) Courtney. One day he gets a visit of a real time traveler with a vaguely familiar face: Jimmy aka the embittered, nihilist… and 30 years older version of himself! He came back to stop his younger self from pursuing his ambitious dreams and focus on the now. A nerdy sci-fi rom-com, a crossbreed of BACK TO THE FUTURE and LOVE ACTUALLY (yeah, not even we can resist Hugh Grant’s charms). The ideal feel-good movie, a witty and light-hearted antidote to all the heavy shit at this year’s BIFFF! Jonas Chernick (also co-writer) and Cleopatra Coleman are great leads, but we’d also like to give a shout-out to Daniel Stern (Marv in HOME ALONE) as the perfect foul-mouthed cynic from the future and Frances Conroy (JOKER, SIX FEET UNDER) as Dr. Rowley.

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