Olivia, a textbook example of the hard-working know-it-all pupil, just lost her best friend Jane, who treated herself to a one-way ticket down a cliff. A horrific event that is made even worse by the university of her choice kindly rejecting her application and her ensuing frequent panic attacks. Her world is crumbling… Until she notices that Jane’s profile on a popular social network is still active. She decides to use it to get revenge on anyone who stands in her way to a bright future. Intellectual rivals, popular girls, teachers who are a little too harsh on her… No one is spared her vicious scorn and ridicule. Which in 2022 means that Jane’s profile is as insanely popular as the thumb screw was to the Inquisition. Olivia is on top of her game. Until the profile suddenly takes on a life of its own, with its own agenda… Sabrina Jaglom’s debut film fully falls within the tradition of bitchy schoolgirls who make each other’s lives miserable (don’t act as if that’s not one of your guilty pleasures!), a tradition that has produced such roaring classics as HEATHERS, CLUELESS and MEAN GIRLS. You can now add JANE to this list, due in no small part to Madelaine Petsch (RIVERDALE), perfectly cast as a mean, but fragile girl.

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