Leonard Grey, superintendent of Jericho Mansions, may have a small world, but he cares for every inch of it. For the last thirty years, the building has been his universe. Beyond the front door of the apartment block lies a terrifying agoraphobic nightmare into which, for as long as he can remember, he has never dared to venture. But Leonard’s sanctuary is beginning to crumble. Forces are conspiring to kick him out. Constant accusations by the landlady of stealing worthless items are taking their toll. This is coupled by stirrings of discontent among the quirky residents. These forces finally come together in the murder of one of the residents. Though the cops believe they have their killer and motive, a jealous tenant taking revenge on his wife’s lover, Leonard begins to discover clues that point to a different killer; himself. Alberto Sciamma, director of the weird and wonderful The Killer Tongue and the medieval fantasy Anazapta, is back with the darkly comic thriller Jericho Mansions. The exquisite and innovative cinematography is coupled with a brilliantly constructed story and standout performances from the impressive cast, led by James Caan (The Godfather, Dogville) and with Genevieve Bujold (Dead Ringers, Eye of the Beholder), Jennifer Tilly (Bound, Bride of Chucky) and Maribel Verdu (And Your Mother Too, Tuno Negro).

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