Normally, when one tends to take a trip to Jerusalem, basic inquiries are about the shekel’s exchange rate, the amount of weepers by the Wailing Wall, the dilemma between shawarma and falafel during lunch break or the opening hours of the Holy Sepulcher. But for Sarah and Rachel, two young American tourists on a trip to the Holy City, the main problem are all the zombies roaming around the city. It’s very bad timing when you’ve planned a city trip at the same time as the opening of the Gates of Hell. The entire tourist season will be terminated by the legions of Beelzebub: squadrons of demonic seraphs on a fully synched dive towards Temple Mount, winged zombies feeding on the orthodox in the old town, giants crushing temples like a pack of cards… But the Israeli army does not intend to go down without a fight. Sarah and Rachel have front row seats to the end of the world, but the price will be paid with their souls.

In Jeruzalem, the Paz brothers redefine the found-footage genre through the inventive use of Google Glass. No hysterical camera sweeping and nanosecond glimpses of something that’s supposed to be scare, but an interactive view on an entire demonic bestiary and a top selling argument for a city trip to the Holy City. Even during Judgement Day, the Wifi’s top notch!

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