Jesus shows you the Way to the Highway

D.T. Gagano is an experienced CIA agent but he’d rather start a pizzeria on the beach while his girlfriend opens up the greatest kickboxing center ever. That’s the plan but he’s got one more job to do before calling it quits. He has to dive into the virtual world of the Psychobox to secure the “substance” from a computer virus called ‘Stalin’, but that turns out trickier than he imaged… You think that already sounds odd? Wait until you see this! Miguel Llansó seems to have taken it upon himself to outweird the already pretty bonkers CRUMBS, his afrofuturist first feature. Nothing we write will ever do justice to the mindfuck that is this film, but let’s try. It’s like… the Black Lodge of TWIN PEAKS and its Man from Another Place in another place (Ethiopia) as directed by the Wes Anderson of ISLE OF DOGS or should we say Adam West Anderson, as holy cow Blaxploitation Batman! You’re the president of the United States, while a Soviet virus is trying to take over the Matrix if THE MATRIX took place in the floppy disk-flopping 80’s and that includes an 8-bit soundtrack straight out of Packman. We’d like to mention Shaw Brothers ninjas too, but we have to lie down for a bit now… You missed it at the Offscreen festival? Jesus always give a second chance!

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