Picture a world where women have to face institutionalized conspiracy. Picture a world where they are kidnapped and brainwashed to make them docile and easy to manipulate. This time, Joanne has been kidnapped and held in an ancient chapel by the Conspiracy. Unbeknownst to the Conspiracy (and herself) Joanne harbours many secrets that will change the Conspiracy and herself forever. She has no idea what’s coming for her and she won’t be the only one to face the unexpected. The BIFFF presents the very first feminist “huis-clos” ever made! This reflection on a misogynist near-future society is brought to us by two Brussels’ expats, Ioana Mattei and Christopher Morrison. Intertwining dystopia and psychological thriller, Joanne, which was entirely shot in our beautiful capital, is driven by Alex Reid’s impressive performance. There are also some big names in the crew: Gabi Norland (My Beautiful Broken Brain) as DOP and Olivier Merckx (a notorious member of the Bifff Collectifff) as steadycam operator.

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