Jorge and Alberto are two wizards in Buenos Aires. One works as an assistant in a courthouse, while another is pining for his magical glory days. During their weekly ritual, they discover that Saturn has turned, which mostly means much mayhem and doom. They are proven right, when Argentina’s president storms in and asks Jorge and Alberto to save her daughter from the clutches of Judge Fayo, a man who wants to achieve the triumph of neoliberalism. During their search for the girl, Jorge and Alberto will have to deal with demons from another dimension. And that all before midnight! Time to dust off their magic tricks, because the fate of the world is at stake!

Since the recent release of the anthology Relatos Salvajes (Wild Tales) in our theatres, we know that Argentineans can sometimes freak like nowhere on the planet. And that was before we got introduced to the work of the brothers Gonzalo and Hernan Quintana. Their oeuvre is clearly inspired by that of Mr. Tarantino, and we can’t blame them for that, because this fantastic tale with the very long title is one funny and hilarious adventure.

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