Hooray! Mankind has achieved its ultimate goal, immortality! The distant sounds of champagne bottles cracking open in Sillicon Valley still linger, but people soon realize eternal life is – well, a bit of a snorefest. Humanity’s new anthem is not Alphaville’s “Forever Young” – which local disc-jockeys now avoid like the plague – but rather “Forever Old”. People carry their wrinkled, centuries-old asses around in shiny, hi-tech armor with moldable hairpieces, going from one virtual date to the next. Any sense of excitement has died ages ago, along with any working sperm cell or ovary. A new hope is born when there’s word of the boundless sex swagger still present in the underground, a world inhabited by the Marigans, a man-made species of freaks that rebelled against their creators and constructed an underground empire. One man is now sent deep down to unravel the secret of fertility, but he will have his mind blown upon arrival, quite literally… Welcome to Takahide Hori’s wild cyberpunk stop-motion fever dream populated by mole men, mad scientists, gigantic worms (“They’re coming outta the goddamn walls!”) and ferocious creatures that might have looked like ALIEN if David Cronenberg had been in the director’s chair! Many sci-fi references – Philip K. Dick, H.R. Giger, Frank Herbert… – with a touch of Švankmajer-ish surrealism all blend into this face-melting, jaw-dropping madness, with Hori’s fingerprints all over it. He basically did everything, from animation, to scoring the music, doing the voice acting and we bet he even did the catering. Mark our words: JUNK HEAD is a future classic!

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