Cambodia in the near future. Nanotechnologies have brought about a gigantic boom in the ever-expanding capital Phnom Penh, threatening to swallow its surrounding slums whole in a gentrification frenzy. City-planners and real estate crooks swarm to these district in order to push out the poor local community. Next on their list? Young Heng Leng’s district, but instead of action in the here-and-now, he prefers dwelling in dreams of his past lives. In one such life, he (well, technically former he) hid a golden Buddha statue. Pure spiritual wish-wash or truth? That’s for him to find out, together with his best friends and a girl who is as talented in junkyard pillaging as she is in sleuthing. But a mind, particularly one that has opened its chakra, is a dangerous place to wander into for too long… Sounds a little too cerebral? Not at all! KARMALINK is a great sci-fi flick in which a dreamy kiddie version of Indiana Jones digs up his past life experiences (Han Solo, is that you?) and embarks on an adventure that’ll cross past, present and future! While you say a little prayer – or y’know, seven Ohms – hoping for a happy end.

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