If Kasane inherited her acting talent from her mother, she certainly wasn’t blessed with her appearance. A huge scar crosses her face, which hinders her dream to shine on stage. Just before her mother dies, she gives a magical lipstick to her daughter. When she puts it on and kisses someone, she takes on the face of that person. Coincidence or not, her path crosses with Nina Tanzawa. She’s a stunning beauty, but her acting talents are not much to brag about. They decide to join forces to attain success. But as we all know, pride comes before the fall. As soon as they get the recognition they crave, Nina tries to make her partner in crime jealous. And Kasana also wants her portion of beauty and fame. KASANE, based on the eponymous manga by Daruma Matsuura, dissects the obsession of contemporary society with appearances. The movie asks us: “What truly forms our identity?” A touch of THE NEON DEMON and a sparkle of Cronenbergian tension results in a clever dark fairytale with great performances by Kyoko Yoshine and Tao Tsuchiya!

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