Young photographer Janine is a woman with a troubled past who wants to give her life a new start. The traditional car engine trouble on a deserted highway is the introduction to this new beginning, but certainly not the one she would have wanted. A lift from a psychopathic trucker will take her on a trip straight to hell. The man throws her in a dungeon and gives her thirty days to live. Janine now has to face the demons from her past as well as the dangers of the present. Bodies are starting to pile up, blood is flowing freely. The true nature of her precarious situation reveals itself. Janine is stuck in a grisly game with only one purpose… staying alive ! There was a time when scary movies gave you plenty of escapism, followed by a liberating catharsis. The (un)human monsters were defeated and the survivors walked home, hand in hand towards the sunset. With the world around us becoming a very unpleasant place, a new generation of genre directors genre has stood up to give the middle finger to this traditional happy end. One of them is Paul Moore. Keepsake spares us no detail of the brutal degradation of the main character. The label “torture porn” is a perfect fit for this terror trip.

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