Laaadies and gentlemen, in the left corner we have the ‘Kids’, more precisely Gary and his teenage sis Samantha. Frequently abandoned by their parents, they kill the time shooting their own horror flicks with theirs buds, or by being pushed around by school bully Billy, who gets them to agree on organizing a Halloween party at their place. Needless to say, said party quickly gets out of hand, Gomorra-style, with graffiti contests on their living room walls, puke bombs dropped in their kitchen drawers and other, more intimate exchanges of bodily fluids in the bedroom upstairs. But it’s not the cops that are going to break up the festivities buut… in the right corner, ladies and gentlemen, here they come: the ‘Aliens’! They’re ugly, they’re mean, they’re hungry and they urgently need a stock of human cadavers to get their spaceship running again… So, let the fight begin!! A frenetic whirlwind, full of grindhouse gore and vintage fun, that blasts by at a fiery 75 minutes. There’s lots of swearing and cussing from our kids (parental advisory: explicit content!), there’s big and brash colors, there’s deliciously gory deaths…. Everything to please our inner child! It’s like a badly educated SUPER 8 that hung around too often with wrong friends like TURBO KIDS. Yup, this new flick from Jason Eisener (HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN) is all that and so much more, perfectly summed up by its badass heroin: “Fuck space”!!

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