Set in the very near future, an elite squad of highly trained marines,
led by commanding officer Captain Bukes, are sent on a routine
training exercise to a remote island, the precise location of which no
one knows and from which all communications are cut off dead.
Accompanying them on the mission is tech head specialist Mills, a
mysterious coder whose brain is interfaced with a computer. What
the unit soon discover when they reach the island is that the exercise
is far from routine. They become live targets of terrifyingly advanced
military robots. And Mills is somehow involved in the conspiracy.
But they also know that they need her tech skills to survive the
brutal situation that they find themselves in. Cut off and facing certain
death, the marines must fight for their lives to survive. And at
the same time they must work out who and what Mills really is and
whose side’s she really on.
Dog Soldiers meets Terminator in Kill Command, a scifi action thriller
that explores the potential consequences of an increasingly dislocated,
technology reliant society, and the repercussions of pursuing
an artificial intelligence more powerful than anything mankind could
ever control. While Gareth Edwards was working on Monsters, he
introduced his producers to his good friend Steve Gomez, who had a
great pitch for them. The rest is history. Kill Command is pure sciencefiction
joy, with special effects courtesy of the team from Guardians
of the Galaxy and Godzilla!

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