Audra is super-dooper happy! To congratulate her on graduating from college, her daddy bought her a nice little house in her hometown of West Craven. So, on the agenda there’s a housewarming party with her BFFs Missy and Reese, twenty-minute showers with some great exfoliating soap enriched with apricot oil and sweet ylang-ylang smells, a little glass of wine and lots of gossip. Aaaah, what a joy to be rich, blonde, white, and drop-dead gorgeous… While waiting for her girlfriends, who are probably running on the beach in slo-mo, Audra decides to take a twenty-minute shower with some great exfoliating soap enrich… well, you get the gist, she takes a shower. But, as life is always full of surprises, some rather unexpected other guests are about to arrive at the party. And they don’t care about a shower. They’re more into bloodbaths and slicing playmates into sashimi. But why? Well, why not? Just don’t ask too many questions, or we’ll tell you all about the goats, the fish with teeth and the perfect sharpness of the riveted metal meshes of the chainsaw of the aptly-named Goatface. Capiche? A riveting homage to 70’s and 80’s exploitation flicks, KILL HER GOATS may be as subtle as a tweet by Andrew Tate but that doesn’t stop it from being incredibly fun. On the contrary: old skool FX, a Kane Hodder (FRIDAY THE 13TH, HATCHET) in Olympic form, three playmates with an allergy to clothes, countless references and extremely generous gore galore. Trigger warning: only for those with very, very bad taste.

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