Groom-to-be Sam is thrown a bachelor party by his friends. Instead of going on a bender full of strippers and booze, they take him on a mock zombie survival weekend. The group is an ensemble of hilariously recognizable stereotypes: the scared and too pleasing groom-to-be, the wealthy and surprisingly efficient presumptuous dickhead, the recent father who can’t shut up about his kid, the one that needs to get laid, the whining brother-in-law, the mate who’s forever rolling joints, that one colleague who’s just happy to be there, and finally the smug father-in-law who keeps talking about his so-called confidential army career. When they set off into the woods, Sam accidentally pierces one of the “zombies” on a wooden stake. Of course, the trip soon escalates and however much they try to cover their steps, they leave a trail of (un)dead bodies in their wake. KILLER WEEKEND reads the title and that’s pretty much how the film can be summarized. But you know, in a funny black comedy horror kind of way. With the classic British humor we know from SHAUN OF THE DEAD, director and writer Ben Kent based his scenario on a bad experience of a friend who took part in such a zombie survival weekend. Needless to say, in his case chopping off fingers, piercing body members with arrows, knives and wooden stakes, and other zombie gore classics were not on the menu.

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