A remote country house in a mountainous region sounds like the perfect place for a New Year’s Eve family dinner, right ? There’s quite a bit of tension between the different family members, but when an uninvited guest shows up, all hell breaks loose. Disguised as a homeless midget, none other than God himself comes on the scene. And this time he brings bad tidings : when the sun rises, all of humanity will be wiped out. The “good news” is they can choose two people who will survive the ordeal. Things quickly get out of hand and soon the cozy family get-together turns into a sinister version of And Then There Were None… Killing God, which won the Audience Award at the latest Sitges film festival, is the first feature by young Catalan filmmakers Caye Casas and Albert Pintó. It’s a pitch black comedy with a religious alibi, in the vein of Álex de la Iglesia’s The Day of the Beast (BIFFF 1996). Among the actors we recognize well-known faces of Spanish cinema : Emilio Gavira (Blancanieves, Mortadelo and Filemón), Eduardo Antuña (De la Iglesia’s 800 bullets, Torrente 4) en Itziar Castro ([REC] 3 : Genesis).

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