Locked in a dark basement, Laura, a psychiatrist in her early thirties, contemplates in horror a video where a man confesses to be a serial killer. His name is Ramon, an apparently normal man in his forties, who seems to be quite harmless. Gagged and bound to a chair, Laura realises that it’s the same person who kidnapped her and who is now pacing in the shadows. Ramon continues to speak as he turns off the television. He walks over to her, takes off the gag and challenges Laura to play the “Word Game”. If she wins, she gets to go free, but if she loses, he’ll poke out her eye. Laura is terrified, but reluctantly accepts. The game begins. Laura makes a mistake. Ramon menacingly moves towards her. Laura’s screams are useless.

This is the gripping beginning of Killing Words, a truly original psychological thriller where nothing is what is seems to be, realized by actress-director Laura Mana (Dobermann, Compassionate Sex). She expertly guides us through the many ingenious twists and turns of the story, keeping the audience guessing what is truth and deceit. Killing Words is a complicated puzzle where all pieces won’t fit together until the very end. With Dario Grandinetti (The Dark Side of the Heart, Talk To Her) as Ramon and Goya Toledo (Love’s A Bitch, Box 507) as Laura.

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