This documentary meticulously scrutinizes and analyzes the ascension to the throne of Charles III, one miniscule detail at a time, with the shadow of Queen Elizabeth II’s recent passing looming large over the proceedings. Just kidding! We’ll leave the hurly-burly of the British royal family to THE CROWN. The King we’re talking about here is made of an entirely different cloth. He has published over 60 books and 200 short story bundles, which led to more than 80 screen adaptations helmed by the likes of Brian de Palma, John Carpenter, Tobe Hooper, George Romero and David Cronenberg. His legendary name was typed into Google more than half a billion times. That name, you ask? Stephen King of course! Far from the sole horror genre some gnomes want to pigeonhole him into, director Daphné Baiwir shakes off the shackles of prejudice and dives deep into the gift that King has to come up with some of most incredible characters fiction has ever seen. Perhaps this above all else helps explain why Hollywood is so smitten with his work. Daphné Baiwir forges a fascinating portrait of one of the greatest fiction writers of our time, stitching together exclusive interviews with illustrious collaborators such as Mike Flanagan, Mick Garris and Frank Darabant (though, ironically, King himself will not be seen on screen), juicy anecdotes about some of his classics and cleverly scattered Easter eggs which only die-hard King fans – Kingophites? – will be able to uncover.

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