Joe isn’t hard to please; fries swamped in ketchup, a fresh pint and his mates is all he needs to be happy. But he’s also got one peculiar passion… Ever since the The Belgian Wave of UFO observations in the 80’s, Joe has been obsessed and convinced that aliens have infiltrated every layer of society. So, as the self-professed Messiah, he’s taken it upon himself to kill off every last one of these little green men. The only problem is, they aren’t exactly green and nobody takes him seriously. But that is about to change, once a film crew meticulously documents his mission. The crew in question incredulously accepts his offer, hoping for some X-FILES slapstick while Joe himself is leaning more towards BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE. Literally, seeing as he’s taken up the bad habit of slaying anything that moves. A hooker here, a junkie there. All of this and more with a surprisingly diverse array of techniques – splattered brain parts, choked old ladies… anything goes into Arno Pluquet’s carefully prepared “kipkap”, a Brussels culinary specialty in which all kinds of – usually – pig parts are pressed together into one delicious chunk of meat, to which Arno adds an extraterrestrial flavor. His secret? A generous dose of MAN BITES DOG references with a dash of Pluquet’s very own brand of dark humor.

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