Vampyress Celina falls in love with Jane, a battered housewife. She efficiently helps the unfortunate woman to get rid of her husband, and gets her love and dedication in return. They are fond of each other and of Berlin nightlife. They go out “eating” in fancy Technobars and enjoy each others company. But the young couple has little time to cherish their new found love. A mysterious vampire-hunter has decided to put an end to their existence. He develops a strange obsession with his prey and does not plan to give up the hunt.
Kiss My Blood is a wild, genre-hopping independent German production which draws its inspiration from European avant-garde, US trash movies, A Clockwork Orange, Brazilian Telenovelas, Spaghetti Westerns and hard boiled Hong Kong movies. A modern Vampire-story for the 90’s. Anya Fisher stars as the party-loving and seducing Vampyress Celina. Theatre actress Nadja Rieger plays Celina’s lover Jane. Thomas Haydn, who was born in Transylvania, plays the determined and brutal vampire killer

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