LA PROIE by Eric Valette

Burglar Franck has ended up in jail because his accomplice snitched on him and got away with the loot. He still has a few months to go before he can see his wife and child again and get some payback from the bastard. But the guy’s taken his precautions and sends him a picture of his wife and kid. The message is clear. Franck asks his cellmate Maurel, a small-time crook who’s soon going to be released because of a judicial error, to warn his family. Big mistake ! The man turns out to be a notorious serial killer. Franck has no other choice but to escape. But once he’s outside, there’s no trace to be found of his wife and kid. And Maurel makes sure that Franck gets the blame for all his heinous crimes. To prove his innocence, he has to find the killer while France’s entire police force is hot on his heels. French director Eric Valette has been quite busy since we presented his long feature debut Maléfique at the BIFFF 2003. After an excursion to Hollywood with the J-Horror remake One Missed Call, he realized the French political thriller Une affaire d’état and the monster pic Hybrid. Now he’s back in Brussels with an explosive action thriller. La Proie (the prey), somewhere half-between Cell 211 and The Fugitive, is overflowing with testosterone and is mercilessly efficient. Albert Dupontel (Irreversible, Chrysalis) stars as public enemy number one. Stéphane Debac (Stranded, Fashion Victim) is the diabolic Maurel. They’re supported by Alice Taglioni (The Valet), Sergi Lopez (Harry Is Here To Help) and our very own Natacha Régnier (The Dreamlife of Angels).

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