Henri is a young and laborious pharmaceutical lab assistant and has a personal and very fanciful chemistry: he is in love with Hélène, a celebrity from the 50s who mysteriously disappeared more than 30 years ago… One evening of thunderstorm, destiny knocks on his door: it is Louis, Hélène’s ex-boyfriend. Together, they look for her and Henri will become, during a fantastic night, Louis’s rival in a movie series where he will fight for Hélène’s love…
While travelling in the Seventh Dimension, from Middle-Age to early-twentieth-century Egypt, he will wait for her, each time with a new look: a mad scientist surrounded by cross-breed monsters, a dream thief-prince, an evil clerk and clever exorcist, a Machiavellian gentleman, or even a grave-defiler explorer…
What if Henry ended up surpassing the master?
In the current jungle of the film-making industry, short films practically have no opportunity to be shown mainstream; yet their directors are the ones who will create tomorrow’s cinema.
Laurent DUSSAUX had the idea of gathering several movies in one full-length feature film: based on a plot developing a coherent story which avoids the classic pitfall of sketched movies, Laurent DUSSAUX and five friends of his got the chance to express themselves in accordance with their own style.
Two of those young directors are not unknown any more here in the Brussels Fantastic Festival: Stéphan HOLMES who won the Award for Best Short Film in 1984 with Ceux d’en bas and Laurent DUSSAUX whose Le Réacteur Vernet was nominated for the 1986 competition.

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