Getting old is not for everybody, but some people are cut out of sterner stuff than others. Ambrose McKinley, a blind Vietnam vet, and his loyal dog Shadow are the newest residents of Crescent Bay, a squeaky clean and sterile community for the elderly. The lawns are cut to perfection; you could eat of the ground, grannies gang up on Sundays to bake muffins… It’s a perfect little waiting room for the soon to be deceased. But Ambrose misses the action. Luckily there are rumors about a wild lynx on the premises that make the hearts and pacemakers of the residents beat faster. One evening Ambrose stumbles upon the leftovers from the latest meal of the so-called lynx. They’re the remains of an old lady and of his only friend in the world; Shadow. The police do not believe his story because a blind man is not actually a very reliable source of information. Ambrose’s mind is made up. He will use his last days to get rid of that beast once and for all.

You’ve probably understood what our hero is dealing with. The villain of Adrian Garcia Bogliano’s first American film is a true horror classic; the werewolf. And the director of I’ll Never Die Alone and Here Comes The Devil has surrounded himself with some very good company: Nick Damici (Stakeland, We Are What We Are, Cold In July) as Ambrose and Robert Kurtzman, the legendary sfx artist of Army of Darkness, Bubba Ho-Tep, From Dusk Till Dawn and many others

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