Contemporary London. Matt is a young student working as a
night watchmen in a parking for shiny cars of the expensive kind.
Unfortunately, despite his righteous nature, he gets involved against
his will in the breaking and entering of a famous auction house. To
prove his innocence, Matt only has one option (and thinking about
it, makes him already bursts into tears) and that option is you! Yes,
you, dear spectators, are the only ones capable of determining the
fate of our tragic hero.
Tobias Weber’s Late Shift is the first interactive cinematographic experience
in the world. It’s a mix of cinema and a video game. There are
no less than 180 moments where you have to decide what happens
next and 7 alternative endings for this movie. That means that you
are the director! Are you longing for a happy ending or do you prefer
to follow your dark side by pushing this tale to a gory finale? The
choice is yours!! All you have to do once you’ve bought a ticket, is to
download the application “CtrlMovie” through the App Store or the
Google Play Store. You’ll have to hurry though; this unique experience
is limited to 200 spectators!

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