Laundry Man is an English spoken horror film from Belgium that is inspired by the crimes of the American serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer and the Hungarian-Belgian serial killer Andras Pandy. This is linked to the dangers of surfing the many obscure chat sites on the internet, where people take on a false identity. One of these fakers is Jeff, the lead character from the movie. He pretends to be an SM mistress who’s looking for a sister to her slave Julie. That way Jeff manages to gain the trust of his victims and lure them to his flat, where a gruesome fate awaits them.

Laundry Man is the newest film from Johan Vandewoestijne aka James Desert. In the past he directed the cult classic Lucker the Necrophogous and produced the other Belgian cult classic Rabid Grannies. Some of his other feats are State of Mind, starring Paul Naschy and Fred Wiliamson, Parts of the Family, Engine Trouble and Purgatory. Recently he released Todeloo with popular Flemish stand-up comedian Bert Gabriels. With Laundry Man we take a deep and bloody plunge into the dark underbelly of the internet.

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