Alice is 16 years old but on her bedroom walls no posters of Busted (What, teenagers these days no longer listen to Busted, you say? We refuse to believe that!) but of Greta Thunberg. After school hours – sometimes even during – she walks in climate change marches and she protests against evil projects like big-ass power plants they want to construct in her neighborhood. The man who wants to build it? Her very own daddy… How can you fight what you love (still, despite everything)? But then she gets help from an unexpected guest, a visitor from the future who looks a bit like the Dude at a Comic Con convention, but is actually the rebel leader of his own time, 2555, or if you prefer the year 437 after the Apocalypse. This sure doesn’t look pretty, with nearly the entire population wiped out or turned into drooling zombies, while the rest lives underground with next to no food or water apart from old sock juice (but hey, it’s still more fun than the year 3000 according to Busted, yup them again!). Now our time-travelling visitor has but one goal: avoid the Apocalypse – or make it a little less ugly – by preventing the construction of the power plant. And to do so, he has to kill her dad… Eight years after the immensely popular French web series, the visitor is back and this time on the silver screen! The cast is pretty much a millennial and gen-Z who’s who in French comic talent and the whole thing just oozes love for genre films, with robots, underground lairs, gangs of streetwise kids that probably grew up with the MAD MAX octology – yup, Disney bought the franchise in the future – and fun for the whole family!

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