Once upon a time, in a faraway land, the mythical city of Uranopolis went through a decisive battle between humans and the Winged Tribe. It was pretty much the same as Real Madrid vs PSG, except that this time humans played in Zidane’s team. Almost extinct, the Winged Tribe is finding it difficult to survive. Xue Lie, the Tribe’s royal descendant, is eagerly waiting for the return match. In order to avenge his clan, the ambitious king desperately needs the Naga Pearls. The latter are the Asian version of the Avenger’s Tessert act. They would ensure the total eradication of those pesky humans. However, there’s one small issue. Said pearls are in Ni Kongkong’s possession. And Ni is a small-time crook who doesn’t realize his new balls have such destructive power. In the early 2000s, inspired by Lord of the Rings, seven Chinese writers created a new fantasy world. Novoland was born, an imaginary, elaborate and very detailed universe. It’s a clever mix between traditional wuxia and heroic fantasy. Surely, Novoland is a dream come true for all fantasy buffs. It didn’t take long for written poetry to be transformed into visual prose. Legend of the Naga Pearls is the feature debut of Yang Lei. And he could count on Gordon Chan (Painted Skin, The Medallion, The Four) to take the production reigns. The dazzling sfx were taken care of by the entire Star Trek team. Last but definitely not least, it’s Simon Yam (PTU, Lara Croft, Ip Man, Iceman) who plays the bad guy in this highly anticipated blockbuster.

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