The discreet nurse Dou is a loser with a heart of gold. He’s always ready to help his neighbor, even if he constantly mixes up kindness and naivety and has been jinxed for a long time because of a rare stamp that his family has been looking for during two generations. Then there’s Doctor Lai, who was born with a four-leaf clover. She’s a social, professional, physical and mental success story. This jackpot in slinky suit would not even have glanced at an unlucky lackey like Dou, if there had not been this dog… The mutt shows up in the emergency room every 49 days with different owners in intensive care. It doesn’t take long, of course, for rumors about a curse to spread through the corridors, which bumps into doctor Lai’s scientific rationalism. And when Dou decides to give this canine curse a shot, things won’t get better for him. Despite its title, Lee Tian-jue’s movie is not a biopic about a Taiwanese rapper, but a supernatural fable about destiny and people’s gullibility. In the same vein as the popular comedies from Taipei, Legend Of The T Dog will delight young and old alike, dog lovers and just lovers !

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