At age 25, Kao is already a popstar on the decline. To make things ever worse his beloved grandpa just left this earthly realm. So he heads back to his native village for the funeral. A trip that immediately makes him miss Bangkok. Rocky desert as far as the eye can see, with not a single drop of water in sight… We wouldn’t be surprised to see Mad Max make an appearance at one point in such scenery. But then a famous YouTuber, who happens to be his childhood sweetheart, decides to launch a drilling contest in the area to find water underground, with a million bath award for the winner. Kao is a little short on cash. So he decides to join in, along with the heap of junk his grandpa left him, to face off twenty other contestants. Drill away, boys and girls! But they’re soon going to find out that water is not the only thing that moves underground… Well, no need to be all mysterious with a poster like that! We left Thailand in 2019 with THE POOL and it’s eeeenormous crocodile. Three years later we’re back with the first film by Chalit Krileadmongkon and a giant carnivorous, cave-dwelling lizard! A true love-letter to the monster flicks of the 90’s (and TREMORS in particular) that has everything fired up for a great Midnight screening. Leiiioooo!! Leeeeeeio… No one can resist the call of Leio!

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