We find ourselves in a magical landscape full of heroic warriors, forests teeming with orcs and, of course, a dragon hovering over it all. Are we in Westeros or in Middle-Earth? No, we’re in the woods outside Tom’s village. This geeky nerd is living out his passion for LARP, live action role playing. What Tom doesn’t know, is that he’ll soon need his Larp skills to fight off a yellow zombie invasion. The first battleground will be the local supermarket.

If you’ve always wanted to see a French-Canadian horror comedy about a yellow brain disease based on a popular web series and spoken in juicy Quebecois? Look no further. You’ll love Les Jaunes. Get ready for some maple syrup horror with troll slayers, nazi’s and tentacled monsters fighting it out with each other in a small town in the north of Quebec.

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